Packaged Equipment Services

At STS, our equipment services complement the total project solution by integrating existing equipment in large facilities  and providing low cost field solutions.  Such equipment can be leased or purchased for various business models depending on each of our client’s specific needs.  Our equipment can by supplemented with on-site installation and start-up services customized to fit the scope of your project.

Midstream & Downstream Solutions

  •  Gas Processing
  •  Dehydration Packages
  •  Amine Units
  •  Slug Catchers
  •  Filters & Separators
  •  Compression & Pumps
  •  Vessels & Exchangers
  •  Balance of Plant & Utilities
  •  Meter Stations
  •  Storage
  •  Refining
  •  Petrochemical
  •  Methanol, Urea, Ammonia
  •  Revamp & Retrofit
  •  DCS / PLC Hardware
  •  Cybersecurity Infrastructure  [IT – OT]

Fabrication Services

Through strategic partnerships, STS has access to a number of independently operated regional fabrication facilities to provide our clients with the logistical efficiency necessary to meet project timelines.  These accessible shops allow for clients to oversee the progress of fabrication and component installation.

  • Modular Skids
  • Meter Skids
  • Flow Control Skids
  • Compression
  • Instrumentation & Electrical
  • Pipe Racks
  • Pipe Spools
  • Vessels
  • Tanks & Storage
  • Installation

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about any of our EPC/CM services.